Remember, remember the 5th of November

One of the reasons I started this blog was to express thoughts that wouldn’t fit comfortably into 140 characters. For instance, this little quatrain about National Move Your Money day, the deadline before which Occupy Wall Street urges all of us 99 percenters to transfer our banking operations from TooBigToFail™ banks to credit unions or local community banks:

Remember, remember the Fifth of November
The day when the classes will clash.
I will be with you if on the Fifth you
Remember to transfer your cash.

OK, Shakespeare it isn’t, and there’s a near-rhyme in there, but at least it fits the meter and rhyme scheme of the original. Mostly anyway.

(Not that I want to brag, but I transfered my banking to a credit union several years ago, and every time I hear about something stupid a bank has done or some fee that’s going to get raised just because they can, I’m sooo glad I did.)

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