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Your iPhone Is Hurting America

Not that I blame you. It’s not like you’re setting out to hurt America or anything. You just want to make phone calls and maybe play a few rounds of Plants vs. Zombies. I understand. But consider that every single … Continue reading

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Sunday Silliness: Tom Lehrer Meets Google Instant Search

My first encounter with Tom Lehrer was in tenth-grade English. On the day before Thanksgiving Mrs. Wyatt* brought in his first album, “Songs By Tom Lehrer.” We didn’t get to hear all of the songs. At the time I didn’t … Continue reading

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Holy cow, an Uncle Sam that’s weirder than I am

The name of this robot is Uncle Sam. Watch the video and see if a tree-climbing snake robot doesn’t simultaneously fascinate you and weird you out. (h/t Switched via BoingBoing)

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